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Jayne Billi

13 June at 11:41 · 

just back from #sscy17 shoot in Cyprus ... what swifty says here is spot on and id just like to add ..... YOU LOT FECKIN ROCKED THAT BOAT ...big love to all involved from the TEAM Jane McGinty Catherine Lorford Lindsay Lisa Burley Anna Marshall  Nicky Hyde Master Swifty to the DJS Calvin FrancisPete Precise Wayne Enyaw Peter Poyton Sammy Akuffo Colin WilliamsMrVibz AJ Twin Spin and the awesome newly named LADY Gayle Dumont ( you smashed it lady ) to ALL the PARTY PEOPLE ( oh yes I met some great new friends here ) I couldn't have happened without you guys ( toooooo many to mention ) to Raphael Muziq who was amazing and the ladies sure did love him ...and last but not least , to the organizers who have worked so hard putting this together FOR US and delivered on EVERYTHING ... My love and loyalty and massive thanks for choosing me to be on board goes to Tracy Bailey and Trevor Bailey ( that's two years on the trot you have looked after me ) ROLL ON #sscy18 nxt November ... in the meantime see you all at a reunion TBC xxxx

Patrick C Blake

13 June at 16:27 · 

Thank you Trevor Bailey and Tracy Bailey for a wonderful week of sun, fun and great music! It was 0 to 100 from start to finish. 

Wonderful venues, fantastic DJ's, great support staff that you had made it all worthwhile and so good! Met some old friends and made new ones. Ankle is hurting but enjoyed the pain, got a couple of days off to recover. Looking forward to next year already. 

Will leave you both with this song that sums it all up nicely, oh and by the way Trevor, using your mobile while refereeing didn't go down well with your mate. Should have had a swear jar by the pitch

Not much more to say but well done both of you, oh and by the way Trevor, using your mobile while refereeing didn't go down well with your mate. Should have had a swear jar by the pit

Kimberley Joyce feeling blessed.

13 June at 08:44 · 

Early morning reflections, before the long trip home😌✈️

What I've learned over this past week in Cyprus😎
✨Holidaying with people of (let's say) a more mature persuasion is the one👌🏾....
Amongst enjoying fantastic events, I've enjoyed many wonderful & enlightening conversations about parenting, relationships, careers, education, health, politics🙈, spirituality & the pursuit happiness....with some amazing people.

✨Love comes in all forms...
The brotherly & sisterly love I felt on this trip has been indescribable!! I've met hardworking men & women who excel in their professions/vocations/life. There have been brothers who have agreed to come & mentor some of my young people/get involved in some mutual community initiatives...& I've met some of the most beautiful & inspiring ladies who have made me think, laugh, learn & most importantly grow.

✨'Beauty is only skin deep...but ugly goes straight to the bone'....
On this trip I've observed & spoke to the some of (I believe) the most beautiful physical specimens that my eyes have ever seen. Some were tall, short, big, little, male, female, black, get the picture...TBH ALL were just simply physically gorgeous in my eyes! BUT it was those with a particular character & heart that I noticed more. Proving that it truly is what is on the inside that matters. Either way your inner beauty or ugliness will manifest it's important to keep a clean heart❤

✨ The ladies I roomed with Jackie & Cheryl were simply hilarious , kind & fun. As I said before, I couldn't have picked a better bunch to holiday with...thank you Ladies!!!😘❤

✨I eat like a horse🙈...
My mantra on this holiday seems to have been..."Don't mind me I like to eat little & often"...well I was lying🤥 
"Do mind me, I like to eat big & often"😳 lol🤣🤣🤣 
You just gotta love dem holiday munchies vibes!!!🍤🥗🍝🍗🍰

✨I truly love music & a good 'ole boogie 🎼💃🏽....
But then again If you know me well, then you'll know there's nothing new in that statement🤷🏽‍♀️
Let it be known that on this holiday I unapologetically sang & danced to all genres of music, like no one was watching lol ....just lovely💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

✨My family means the world to me. Needless to say I missed my husband & children dearly whilst away💞 Praise God for modern technology🙌🏽....Even if it did get used on 1 occasion to sort out my 2 squabbling heartbeats😒 
Yep, don't watch that, I soon sorted that one out by simply screen munching the conversation & sending it to Dad....nobody got time for that✋🏾 kinda went quiet after that! Lol😂😂😂

✨Finally, the organisers of this event Tracy Bailey & Trevor , all who supported & the DJs did an amazing job. It was the perfect holiday coordinated by fantastic people👌🏾✅
Cyprus is truly a beautiful island, inhabited by the most welcoming & beautiful souls. How have I never been before🤔
I'm definitely coming back to Cyprus again next year!!😎

Anyway....I wish you all a blessed day as always🙏🏾
One Love❤💛💚x

Jackie Neufville 

12 June at 06:31 · 

What a week of soul, sun and laughter. The people the places and the venues were spot on Cyprus u did not disappoint. Trevor Bailey. Tracy Bailey u guys totally smashed it. Wicked wicked week. For me. Master Swifty was a total all round entertainer 10/10 for your work and commitment you made the week unforgettable. To the sun and soul Djs wow loved u all. All different and on point. Till we all meet again safe journey home soul family. Love u all dearly. Xxx❤️💕

Sally Rowe

13 June at 20:31 · London · 

Tracy Bailey Trevor Bailey I feel truly blessed to have been part of Sun and Soul Cyprus 2017. What an amazing week ... you both have seriously raised the bar. Truly amazing ....the events and venues first class ... great music .. great djs ...... great staff.... not to mention the people ....absolutely wonderful beautiful people .... much love to each and everyone of you ... 2018 ...... here we come ❤️❤️

Anna Marshall

Wow I have just woken up after a good sleep and with a hacking cough from a fantastic Sun and Soul in Cyprus holiday. Where do I start when I have so much to share with you? 

I have been to many soul holidays and weekenders and am impressed by the organisation that goes in to them. Some promotors make it look easier than others but I know they work incredibly hard and it takes dedication year on year to get the perfect recipe for a holiday of a lifetime full of memories. Every holiday comes with a different flavour so I'm not about to compare as I personally don't think there is such thing as like for like in this arena. 

I have never been to Cyprus so when Tracy Bailey and Trevor Baileyannounced the holiday and many of my friends were going, I thought it would be worth a try. It was the first holiday event organised by the lovely couple so to be honest, a sun tan and a laugh with friends listening to great music would have been enough. 

Omg! The week was jam packed from beginning to end and I feel lucky to still have my body intact! Club nights were organised in the best venues in Paphos (maybe the best in Cyprus - I'm not sure) The team of DJs Calvin Francis, Wayne Enyaw, Twin Spin, Colin Williams, Sammy Akuffo, Peter Poyton,  Pete Precise, Mr Vibz and top girl Gayle Dumont all played their socks off for us. Not a duff tune played. Most of us lost our voices at some point from singing and our feet are battered but I would gladly start all over again today. 

We had a day out on the Wavedancer 1 Boat where we could sunbathe, swim in some shallow waters (I'm not a good swimmer but they gave some of us life jackets so we could take part). We had a live PA from Raphael Orlando Tate, who took our breath away! Tall, sexy and could as if we weren't all feeling hot enough!! Lol. It was then time for our lunch which was all freshly cooked on the boat/ship and was the best meal of my holiday. Bloody lovely! We were then entertained by some incredible acrobats and I can't forget to mention the ship's captain....I'm sure we would all have gladly brought him home in our suitcases given the chance. 

We had our own area at the local water park which was great. I'm not a water baby but the others had a great time on all the slides and waves etc. 

We had 2 beach parties with food provided on the final day along with a salsa display, a statue man and a fire eater when the sun had gone down. Just an awesome end to a fantastic holiday. 

Behind every successful man is an amazing woman as we all know but Tracy went above and beyond to the point where It will be almost impossible to top it. As it happens, she has already found a beautiful complex as alternative accommodation for next year (November 2018) so you would be mental not to book it. It is true value for money and I believe you can pay in instalments for next year if you wish. That is 18 months notice! 

It was great to help Tracy and Trevor out this year and be part of their team along side my fab friends Catherine Lorford Lindsay, Jane McGinty, Nicky Hyde, Lisa Burley and the all round entertainer, Master Swifty who was constantly in the go. Bloody awesome photos from Jayne Billi who didn't stop either bless her. 

I am grateful to have been part of an incredible week and spend time with such a lovely crowd who danced, sang and laughed the entire week. 


Thank you everyone for making it a magical week.  
Trevor and Tracy... I bloody love you both. Xxxxx

Oh shit I've just found my programme and have missed loads out!! Masquerade Cocktail night, pool parties, Greek Gods and Legend night, White and Gold party, Brazilian beach party and a charity football match (obviously I didn't go to that....I don't like football and it was an 8am start!)

Mandie Minions Millar

22 June at 11:21 · London · 

Can I just say... I miss my #ssc17 #ssc18 family but I am in ore of the work care & love shown & given by Tracy Bailey & Trevor Bailey + team .. world class service love you guys to the max xxx

MOOD: Trying not to think about this hols ending yet🙅🏽 I'm obvs missing my right arm (Hubby) & my heartbeats❤☺️.....but know that I needed this break soooo bad! 
Can't put into words how well we have all been looked after by the organisers Tracy Bailey, Trevor & Crew👌🏾 Just wonderful!!

In summary, this holiday has been a collection of lovely & hardworking people enjoying an awesome break on the beautiful island of Cyprus. The music & events have been brilliant so far & everyone has been lovely & welcoming....priceless❤💛💚

Already missing my back in the day West End girls lol, who have returned home now😌 Cynthia Mac Sonia Adams Joan Bruce Grant Ertha & others. Our shared memories on this holiday & favourable reminiscing of the past 30 odd years & those we have collectively lost together, will never ever be forgotten by me🙏🏾
I was blessed to have you all on holiday with me💞

As for my roomies Jackie & Cheryl👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Life really is for living I always say, remember to hard, play hard, reward hard & most importantly, love hard❤...because tomorrow is truly not promised. 

Ok....Now where did I put my sunglasses😎 
Another relaxing day by the pool for me, whilst my die hard roomies have fun at the waterpark with the rest of the revellers...dem betta dan mi😳🏊🏽‍♀️💦 lol

Blessings to everyone always xx

Cheryl Whittle 

13 June at 12:22 · 

On route home from an awesome week of fun, laughter and soul 
Thank you so much to all the team Jane, Anna, Jayne and Swifty but especially to our dear friends Tracy Bailey and Trevor Bailey... you guys rocked it for all of us ... the DJ's were the best of the best Colin, Calvin, Sammy, Wayne, Peter P , Rudy, Gayle and Pete , the party goers were some of the nicest people I have ever, met roll on next year xx

MrVibz AJ  Sun & Soul @ CYPRUS 2017.

12 June at 18:02 · 

One word Wow! Sun & Soul @ CYPRUS 2017 was off the hook. I have had the most fantastic time meeting new friends and jelling with the old. As well DJ-ing I had a holiday too. I want to thanks each and everyone of you for participating and making this event our own. Big respect to all the reps, the host Trevor Bailey & especially Tracy Bailey for keeping thing intact. All the DJ's.. Calvin Francis, Gayle Dumont & Pete Precise, Peter Parker, Wayne Enyaw, Rudi Ranks, Colin Williams, Sammy Akuffo & myself MrVibz AJ we all had a fantastic time bringing all great music.. Also special thanks to my 2 Aphrodite, Colette Keenan & my Queen Nicki John Previously Keenan, I love them both to bit.. bring on 2018 xxx

Wayne Enyaw 

12 June at 09:59 · 

Had the most AMAZING week! 
It was an honour and pleasure DJing out here in Paphos! Fantastic people, vibes and memories. A HUGE THANK YOU to Trevor Bailey and Tracy Bailey for your hospitality and professionalism. I can't tag everyone else that made this a special week, too many to mention and my plane leaves in an hour. The DJs, the crowd... You all made it a very special week!

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